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About Me – The Contented Minimalist

Hi! I am Sarah – homebody, lover of food, wine and jazz, occasional traveller, intentionalist and minimalist. I live in Australia with my husband and our two boxers, and work full-time in a job that I love.

How I got here

My husband and I have been following a path towards minimalism for two years. It is still very much a #workinprogress.

Prior to getting started on this path, we had been following a very different path, one which is is insidious in modern society – life with a side of stuff, where shiny new things were routinely accumulated in exchange for hard-earned resources, and where a ‘more is more is more’ lifestyle is propagated.

Then in October 2014, we needed to move house. And we had a l o t of stuff. The thought of moving all of our possessions prompted us to take a serious look at not only responsibly off-loading our belongings, but in re-evaluating the cycle of consumption and acquisition that had led us here. And that rudely kept us a bit broke.

So we sold and donated more than half of what we now own. We changed our mentality from ‘what do we need to upgrade next’ to one of contentment with what we have, and stopped the unconscious cycle of “self-improvement” through material consumption (i.e. we stopped buying stuff because it didn’t add value to our lives).

We stepped off the hamster wheel of ‘more’. Started to choose ‘less’. At first we really did this to make our house move simpler and maybe save a little money. In turn, however, we unexpectedly met with a new peace. Our eyes were opened and we started to consciously choose the focus of how we wanted to continue living – and it was not drowning in consumer debt and excess possessions. I don’t believe that our situation was particularly extreme, unusual or unique in comparison to the experiences of the majority of modern day consumers.

Over the past two years, we started to identify with minimalism as a method that described what we had begun. I started to follow and learn from some skilled minimalists through blogs and vlogs – including Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus (The Minimalists), Joshua Becker (becomingminimalist.com), and Lydia Senn (frugaldebtfreelife.com). We also started to extend our view beyond just the material aspect of minimalism. We continually strive to apply a ‘simple’ approach to just about everything – what we do, and how we do it, with the underlying focus on intentionality and simplicity = happiness.

One of our shared passions is moving towards self-sustainability and living as lightly and meaningfully as possible. I am excited about the possibilities this brings for the future!

These recent experiences and learnings are what led me to write this blog. My intention is to start a conversation about being content with having less stuff and experiencing more life.

I have chosen to call this blog ‘The Contented Minimalist’ as it reflects where I currently stand in my journey. I seek contentment over perfection in my method of minimalism and although I work towards goals, my focus remains in the moment – the only place where true contentment can be found.

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I am a wordsmith first and photographer last, so my blog features a handful of images captured by myself, but largely features the incredible photography from some emerging photographers locally and around the world. Photo credits are provided at the end of each blog and images are sourced from the incredible community pool at Unsplash.com.

Until next time – simplify, focus, pursue and count your blessings.

Sarah ~

The Contented Minimalist