The Absolute Importance of Quiet

Never before has there been such a vital need for quiet in this loud and demanding world. The noise of this modern age can be heard in the cries from media and advertisements demanding our attention and our engagement.

Noise surrounds us from information technology and the 24/7 nature of our connectivity with the world means we rarely give our minds the proper pause needed to switch off and replenish.

I have even noticed that people themselves seem to be getting louder and talking faster – it’s like the world is fighting to be heard, to be noticed, to be validated – and we are rushing through it with our racing thoughts, racing hearts, racing minds.

I have always had a penchant for quiet and associate with introverted preferences and a love of peace, quiet and home. I often feel that this is one of my ‘enabling’ factors that has contributed to my love of minimalism – even pre-minimalist, I disliked crowded shopping malls, loud events, and places packed with people. Since my early days I’ve gravitated towards regular opportunities to be alone, but as an adult, I am now realising the true therapeutic value of quiet as part of my method of simplicity.

As we approach Christmas and immerse ourselves in the soulful activities of the festive season, I thought I would take some time to reflect on the activities I find helpful in simplifying and unwinding. As seems to be the case with many things, I find simple and easy is best. I’m a fan of basic routines that are easy to fit into my day and don’t cost the world.

Recharging Through Quiet Space  

Grounding – also known as earthing, this is an ancient and very sensible practice which involves – wait for it – getting outside with nature, ideally barefoot. Aside from the obvious health and calming benefits that fresh air brings, there are many schools of thought that discuss the healing energetic and magnetic benefits from the earth coming into direct contact with your skin.

Modern living provides fewer opportunities to have that skin-on-grass or skin-on-soil contact on a daily basis, and being on my feet for much of the day, I often find that earthing helps me to feel more energised in my legs and myself. I try to spend time barefoot on my grass a few times a week.

Selective mindfulness – my mind is a veritable mess of racing thoughts on most days, so I do find that I need to be deliberate and intentional about being in the moment’, and when I am – when I can focus my mind on what’s in front of me, and my breathing, and my steps – I feel calmer. However, I’ve historically struggled with sit-still meditations or mindfulness exercises due to mind-creep.

Something I’ve been trying is shower meditation – mindfulness employed deliberately during my daily self-care routine. Being very deliberate and slow with my movements, and being mindful with all my senses, means I have a daily opportunity to practice this relaxation while also getting clean! Two for one.

Aromatherapy – the health benefits of aromatherapy are very well known and I find the application of organic aromatherapy in my daily life to be one of the easiest ways to centre myself and find my calm.

I am an advocate for using high quality organic essential oils for the health benefits and use an AromaBloom cool mist vaporiser to safely and effectively spread the aromatherapy love through my home! Let’s be honest – I have one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen and one at work but that is testament to the fact that they are genuinely great products and they bring I value the way they bubble softly in the background and help me to breathe easy in my space.

My AromaBloom offers a 5-in-1 functionality – diffuser, ionizer, humidifier, air purifier and night lamp – so I will often have it on in the kitchen at night to create a warm glow as I potter around. It has a built in ioniser which creates negative ions to help eliminate airborne allergens and promote deep sleep. I can set it to run overnight and mix blends of organic essential oil depending on my needs – often a lemongrass oil for work during the day, and a relaxation blend for overnight.

I would recommend the Brisbane-based family-owned business, Snotty Noses, to anyone who wants to consider products that enhance wellbeing and promote restful sleep for the whole family. Snotty Noses stock a range of cool mist diffusers and essential oils among other wonderful tools – you can check them out and see if there is a tool you may find valuable to support your wellbeing at

Capturing and creating moments for calm is important and I would encourage everyone to find a way to work some simple strategies into your existing daily routine to make downtime accessible and feasible, within the constructs of your current life season.

I hope you are all enjoying the spirit of celebration, joy, and peace that comes with the end of the year and the approach of Christmas. It is what you make it.

Until next time – simplify, focus, pursue, and count your blessings.

Sarah x










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2 thoughts on “The Absolute Importance of Quiet

  1. I love selective mindfulness myself + aromatherapy to an extent. (Aromatherapy and grounding are unfortunately not friends with my acute allergies to strong scents and bugs lol.) I do spend time barefoot on sand on the seashore though, and it IS calming. Thanks for this food for thought, Sarah!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Daisy! I love that you’ve got a plan for what works within your health parameters. Enjoy your sand-time, I love visiting the beach for it’s calming effects too 🙂

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