What Minimalism Means To Me

I have so been looking forward to writing this post. And at the same time – I have been completely dreading it. Let me explain.

Minimalism is a topic that I get excited to talk about with people.

Anyone who knows me and has watched me on one of my purging missions or has listened to my raves about the enlightenment of simplicity knows just how much I love it.

I live and breath this stuff. Which is why when it comes to writing about it, as an introductory blog, I feel like I want to do it justice – to articulately explain what in my mind minimalism is, what is is not, and how I got started.

One of the things I have learned is that there is no correct way to ‘do it’, and there is no one definition that will resonate with everybody. So here I will try to describe what it means to me, and some of the first catalysts for change that got me looking to minimalism as a lifestyle choice.

What Minimalism Is:

  • A method or practice for identifying the essential and eliminating the non-essential
  • A choice to consume with intention and joy in the moderation you require
  • A way to choose quality over quantity and enough over excess
  • A path to simple ways of living that open up great possibilities of real internal happiness
  • A way to value your relationships and your experiences more than material things

What Minimalism as a Philosophy Is Not:

  • Living in a home with white walls and no decorative furnishings
  • Having a mentality of ‘lack’, ‘sacrifice’, ‘poverty’ or ‘absence’
  • Owning nothing
  • Doing nothing
  • An extreme sport

What Minimalism Can Apply To:

  • Your physical possessions
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your mindset

Why I Chose to Apply Minimalism to my Life:

  • Prompted by my impending house move, I realised I had acquired too much stuff that did not add value to my experience. This stuff came from 28 years of living and not letting go, as well as living and buying, buying, buying.
  • All the stuff I had purchased cost too much precious resource (money) – which was no longer supporting my wellbeing or my future. This cycle had to stop.
  • The concept of slowing down and getting back to basics on all levels resonated with me. Removing the excess stuff, excess activities, the non-essential and the value-sucking from my life helped me to focus on the important aspects of my home, my work, my relationships, my space and my self.

Minimalism is a path to freedom and contentment that can lead individuals to their own unique destination.  It is not a doctrine but rather a philosophy that continuously prompts you to mindfully consider your choices in the bigger context of what you really want out of this one life.

Where are you in your minimalist journey? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you and let’s have a conversation.

Until next time – simplify, focus, pursue and count your blessings.



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