A Minimalist’s Top Five Indulgences

I have been strongly minimalist-focused for the past year or so. This is something I have spoken about in my backstory blog and it has been this focus on ridding the excess and living very simply that has allowed me to transform my living.

However, at no point have I been of the ‘get rid of it all even if you really love it’ camp! I am not minimalist for the sake of being minimalist and most minimalists aren’t. The whole idea of minimalism is to be intentional about it.

To me, minimalism is a path and a method for getting to the core of what is most important in life. It is synonymous with choice, and with making choices that allow you to breathe freely, surrounded by consciously selected items, relationships, work and activities that contribute value in a way that is unique and personal.

Sometimes I have conversations with people about minimalism. Friends and colleagues will ask about ‘what it all means’ and ‘why?’ and these are the questions I love because I get to talk about the value, not lack, that minimalism can open up to you.

One of the most common things that people tell me is “I could never be minimalist, I love my XYZ collection too much!”. And I say to them – “That’s okay, if you love your XYZ collection and it loves you back, then keep it”. You don’t need to give up your treasures because if they truly add value and happiness to you, then that is beautiful and that’s okay.

Like everyone, I love indulgences and there are some things that I enjoy beyond measure. In no particular order, here are my top five #minsindulgences

  1. Lovely wine and lovely food. I am a food person. I greatly enjoy the taste sensations that come with sampling delicious cooking. Which means that within reason, a little indulgence in a nice glass of Merlot and the contents of a well-balanced cheeseboard is one of my favourite activities to enjoy with family and friends.
  2. Books – including journals, novels, biographies and coffee table pieces. There is something magical in written print. I love it. I love the way books enable me to intimately share in someone else’s journey and escape into new ways of seeing the world.
  3. Photographs and taking photographs. I am one of those people that is always asking for a photograph or asking people to pose for a photograph. And despite the modern advantages of being able to store my photos online or on an external hard drive, safe and uncluttered, there is something I love about seeing my favourite prints of loved ones and happy memories around my home.
  4. Throws and blankets. Creating a sanctuary for rest and relaxation is so important to me. Being highly sensitive, I also need a quiet nest where I can rest and regroup after busy periods.
  5. Candles. I usually have many candles burning of an evening across the living spaces of the house. Candles create a warm glow that calms me and reminds me that I am home, the truest of blessed places.

What are your simple indulgences or #minsindulgences? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you and let’s have a conversation.

Until next time – simplify, focus, pursue and count your blessings.

Sarah x

Photo Credit: Brooke Lark

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