Embracing the Seasons of Life

Hello and welcome to my blog – The Contented Minimalist.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and musings on simple and intentional living, purging excess, living within your means, and thriving on slowing down and enjoying contentment where you are in your season of life.

‘Seasons’ is a term I have started using to describe the point and chapter in life where your feet are currently planted. I can’t recall where I first heard it, but what I love about it is the innate inference that the seasons of life, much like nature, are transient. I believe this is a natural ebb and flow – if you are in a challenging season of life then it is reassuring to know that a new season is on the horizon, however distant it may feel. Everything moves on in one way or another. If you are enjoying your current season, then bask in contentment and enjoy. Seasonal blessings bring happiness and hope and allow us to look forward with strength and optimism for the future.

I have been blessed with a balance of both calm and stormy seasons in the past year, but the storms have served me well. Part of my growth process has led me to take a long unobstructed look at my current season and what I really want to be doing with my life. One big aspect of what I realised I want is simplicity – removing excess from my life. Excess stuff, excess activities, excess negative stress – broadly anything that doesn’t serve to be useful, important or beautiful.

Not an easy undertaking. But, I have learned, it is both entirely possible and achievable. This is the point where minimalism became relevant for me and I started to apply it to my life.

Minimalism doesn’t mean throwing out everything you own. It doesn’t mean moving to the middle of nowhere. And it definitely doesn’t mean living in a house with white walls and no furnishings! That’s what I like about it. Finding and applying simplicity or minimalism is a perfectly imperfect process. Much like a pair of jeans, it will look different on everyone. To me, it is a path, a method, for getting to the core of what is most important to you.

I have come to realise that everyone has a unique perspective to share, something individual to offer, and that is what I hope to do here. I hope to share information about where I have been, how I got here, and enjoy in this adventure moving forward with you – new visitors and subscribers.

In my current season, I am happy and live simply. The steps I take each day, no matter how small, are leading me on a path to being the contented minimalist.

So welcome – I hope you find richness and value in visiting this space.

Until next time – simplify, focus, pursue and count your blessings.


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2 thoughts on “Embracing the Seasons of Life

  1. Great first blog post! I really like this analogy of viewing life in terms of “seasons”. It makes me feel as though change is inevitable but not something to fear (unless you’re in GoT and winter is coming…), and helps to see that every season is so important, even if it a bit stormy sometimes.

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